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Free Professional Image Editor

Rich set of standard image editing tools

Layers, filters, layer styles, adjustment layers, masks, selections, brushes, undo/redo, graphics tablet support, raw file import, etc.

New and unique features

  Interactive filter layers
  Full GPU acceleration
  Full HDR support


  Use the online version directly in your browser
  Download an optimized desktop version for Windows or Linux

Completely free

  Pencilsheep doesn't cost you anything!

Full GPU Acceleration

Pencilsheep executes all performance-critical operations (blending, filters, paint tools, etc.) on the GPU. Unlike traditional image editors (which either don't use GPU computing at all, or only offer partial GPU acceleration), Pencilsheep has been specifically designed from the ground up to fully utilize the GPU for all image manipulations. For many tasks, Pencilsheep is orders of magnitude faster than traditional image editors.

Interactive Filter Layers

In addition to applying filters destructively like in traditional image editors, Pencilsheep also allows you to place filters as interactive filter layers anywhere in the filter stack. Filter layers are automatically updated when the underlying layers are changed. Immediate recomputation is made possible by Pencilsheep's fully GPU accelerated renderer.

Color Depth & High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Pencilsheep supports various different color formats with different ranges and bit depths (up to 32 bit per channel / 256 bit per pixel HDR). Every tool and filter fully supports all available formats.


Pencilsheep runs on Windows, Linux, and even inside modern web browsers.

The online version ("Try Online") allows you to use Pencilsheep directly in your browser.

For professional use, we recommend the desktop version ("Download").


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