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Adjustments modify image colors. They always map exactly one input pixel to one output pixel (unlike filters, which can look at the entire image).

Adjustments can either be applied directly to an image layer via the Adjust menu, or be added to the layer stack as an adjustment layer. When applied directly to an image layer, the original image is replaced with the result and the adjustment parameters can not be changed anymore. When created as an adjustment layer, the original image is not destroyed, and the input image as well as the adjustment parameters can always be changed later.

Black/White Adjustment Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Channels Adjustment Clip Adjustment Color Matrix Adjustment Colorize Adjustment Curves Adjustment Desaturate Adjustment Gamma Adjustment Hue/Saturation/Value Adjustment Invert RGB Adjustment Invert V Adjustment Levels Adjustment Mix Channels Adjustment Range Adjustment Saturation/Contrast Adjustment Smoothstep Adjustment Swap Channels Adjustment Threshold Adjustment


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