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A filter modifies the contents of an image via a filter function according to the filter's parameters. While Adjustments only look at one input pixel at a time, Filters can also look at surrounding pixels, or even at the entire image for each input pixel.

Filters can either be applied directly to an image layer via the Filter Menu, or be added to the layer stack as an interactive Filter Layer.

When applied directly to an image layer, the original image is replaced with the filter output and the filter parameters can not be changed later. This is how filters work in traditional image editors.

In PencilSheep, you can also create filters as interactive Filter Layers. This keeps the original image contents and allows you to change filter parameters and the input image at any time. Filter Layers can be placed anywhere in the Layer Stack and are automatically updated whenever a filter parameter or an underlying layer is changed.

PencilSheep supports many different filter types. Here are a few examples:

Box Blur Filter Gaussian Blur Filter Glow Radial Filter Rays Filter Twirl Filter Unsharp Mask Filter Wave Linear Filter Wave Radial Filter Wave Random Filter


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