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Text Tool

Text Tool Pencilsheep Screenshot

The Text Tool allows you to add text to your image.

Text is implemented as fully parametric objects, as Text Layers.

The leftmost button in the options bar opens a font browser. The font browser shows fonts from the PencilSheep font library, as well as fonts currently installed on your system (if available, and if you're using the Desktop version of PencilSheep).

The remaining controls inside the options bar allow you to control commonly needed font and text properties:

Font variants (bold / italic) are chosen through the font browser.

Padding adds a transparent area to the left and right of the rendered text. This can be helpful for alignment, and it can be used to fix clipped characters when using fonts with incorrectly adjusted glyph bounding boxes.

In addition to the selected font's built-in automatic kerning, PencilSheep also supports manual kerning . During text editing, hold ALT and press the LEFT or RIGHT key to manually adjust the space between the characters around the cursor.


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