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Vignette Generator

Vignette Generator Pencilsheep Screenshot

The Vignette Generator creates a smooth falloff around the layer center.

The falloff consists of three components: a radial component and two linear components.

The R parameter controls the strength of the radial falloff.

The X and Y parameters control the strengths of the horizontal and vertical linear falloffs.

The V parameter adds a constant bias.

By adjusting R, X, Y, and V, you can create many different types of vignette effects, corresponding to different types of cameras.

You can also specify negative values to create a dark image center and bright edges.

Using Layer Blend Modes, you can apply the generated vignette to an image. This allows you to either add a vignette effect to an image, or to remove undesired vignetting from an image.

Vignette Generator Pencilsheep Screenshot


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